GT – The Ultimate Cruiser


3 Vibrant Candy Colors to Choose From


Cruiser – The super grippy pneumatic tires with extra padded wide seat, makes the GT the ultimate comfy cruising balance bike

Adjustable – The unique step through banana shape allows for easy mounting, with a fully adjustable quick release seat for growing kids. The new double adjustment handlebars can be adapted for height and reach.

Learn Balance – A balance bike is the single best way for a child to start on two wheels, they quickly learn balance which ultimately makes their transition to a pedal bike when they are ready, quick and painless.

More Fun – Kids can travel further and faster than on stand up scooters or slow and heavy starter pedal bikes with stabilisers

Full Metal Headset

The new Banana Bike GT features a full metal headset.  Unlike other balance bikes, we don’t rely on flimsy parts or brackets to secure the handle bars and forks.  The full metal headset offers unparalleled strength and performance for any bike in this price bracket.


Quick Release Seat Adjustment

The new Banana Bike GT comes with a quick release mechanism for adjusting the seat height.  Unlike other bikes, no spanner or hex key is needed which makes it quick and simple to adjust the seat height, even when out and about.

Lightweight Upgraded Wheels

The new GT features new black alloy wheels which really set off the color of the frame.  These are paired with new ultra-grippy inflatable tires which offer the ultimate cushioned ride over smooth or uneven terrain.


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